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How to Fly a Horse in 4 Easy Steps

Posted by Daniel George // August 12, 2016

How to Fly a Horse by Kevin Ashton Okay, this blog will not teach you how to fly a horse. It will, however, teach you that “creative genius” is a myth. Here, I will summarize Kevin Ashton’s book “How to Fly A Horse”, which explains why that myth is wrong. What makes us human? After […]

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5 Things That Make Outliers Stand Apart

Posted by Nate Fournier // July 22, 2016

Why are some people successful while others never express their full potential? When someone stands out as an expert in their field, we often are awed by their raw talent and innate ability to achieve massive success. In ‘Outliers’, Malcolm Gladwell dives into the cultural and societal forces that influence successful individuals.  Gladwell insists that […]

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How ‘The Four Agreements’ Can Help You Live a Better Life

Posted by Daniel George // July 13, 2016

Don Miguel Ruiz inspired me to become the best person I can be in his book ‘The Four Agreements’. He provides simple ideas that describe an inspirational code for life. This code covers personal development, behavior, communications, and relationships. Align your actions with these agreements and you will be sure to unlock your full potential! 1. […]

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